The TRUTH about media and why the world is the way it is.

Thank you Freud! Without Freuds psychoanalysis media would not exist in the all encompassing form it is today.  The makers of this documentary will show you how over the last 100+ years of history the teachings and works of Dr. Zigmond Frued transformed how the Plutocratic powers that be would weild the control over society and it’s every desire, want, need and creative constructivism. Collectively then as captives individually, we were and have been shaped by societies controlling mechanisms within the media and marketing industry, as it evolved from WWI offices of propaganda. As willing participants raised in a consumerist capitalist captive industrial society we are prepared for life long consumption feeding our base emotional desires and wants, as we perceived them to be based upon our constant and ever increasing ‘Media Saturation Culture’.

Watch this film below for a 4 hour 4 part BBC documentary, and you will learn the knowledge/theories applied, the direct evolutionary course and the individuals and corporations who designed this world/society we currently occupy as slaves that vote only with their pocket books.


The TRUTH about ADHD

Is ADHD/ADD actually a disease? or is it just a myth? Could this be a disease not of the individual suffering with ADHD/ADD but of the society that expects individuals to behave a certain way? Is it just possible that these individuals are born with more energy then the average person and perhaps their brain proccesses things faster and that is where the inability to deal with long drawn out monotonous functions?  We are all born witrh different sets of characteristics of our personality(ies) Perhaps the problems is with societies inability to accept these individuals as unique and perhaps they should stop trying to force them to be like others?Maybe these children require more attention from their parents then the average person needs and when they dont get it they suffert? Maybe parents need to put down the remote control, cell phone and every other life distraction and spend more time paying attention to them & showing them how special they are. Maybe teachers need to stop trying to make these children fit into the regular school delivery of the regular curriculum. Not everyone fits into the way the current education stands. Maybe we need to make a better education system for these people and all people. Instead of druging these children parents should step up and deal with their childrens uniquness instead of giving in to societies “normal”  In these video below and decide what is fact and what is fiction!

The TRUTH about Fluoride in our tap water

We have been told that we need fluoride in our water to prevent tooth decay. What we haven’t been told is that fluoride is a drug that we are being given, without consent. What we are not being told is where this fluoride comes from. What we are also not being told is the detrimental effects of consuming fluoride. Please don’t just take my word for it. Watch this 3 part video of one of Canada’s leading dental researcher Dr. Hardy Limeback talk about the realities if fluoride.

The TRUTH about Anonymous

I have spoken to some people who have expressed fear about Anonymous and what they are capable of. My response to their fear is, you are afraid of the wrong side. For those of you who think the government is here to protect you, to help you to do what’s best for you and the rest of humanity, you are WRONG! The Government is here to protect the Elite and I promise you, you are NOT part of the elite! Anonymous is here to speak out against the injustices and unnecessarily censored information that occurs by the government. I for one feel that because of Anonymous there is finally hope for humanity.

Want to know more about Anonymous? Watch this video below or search the internet yourself!

The TRUTH about smoking

My father smoked cigarettes for over 30 years. As I child I would often complain about him smoking around me, especially in the car. On long car trips I would feel very ill and vomit (every time). This happened for years until I got old enough to ask my dad to open his window while he smoked. He would only open it if I asked and would do it with a grumble showing obvious annoyance at my asking. My sister and I would often get ear and throat infections, I would get headaches.  My dad was completely unaffected by our ailments and still continued to smoke around us. When I left home and had my own children I hated bringing them to my parents house because I did not want them around the second hand smoke. I was treated as if I was being rude by asking my dad not to smoke around them. My mother always supported my father in his right to smoke even though she was a non smoker.

Fifteen years ago my father saw his doctor and was told he has to quit smoking or he won’t make it past a year. So after smoking a pack a day for over 30 years my dad quit cold turkey! How nice it was for me to bring my children to a smoke free environment! Free to breath clean air at last!  If only this story ended happily ever after there..

Ten years ago at 56 years old my mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. There is a direct link with second hand smoke and Alzheimer’s. About a year after my mothers diagnoses my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer which is caused by smoking. He has had it twice now and received treatment for it (which is quite an unpleasant procedure). If the cancer comes back again he will need to have his bladder removed because the lining becomes too thin after so many treatments. My tale is still not finished.. In April of this year my Dad took his yearly trip to Florida (My Mom used to go as well but she is in a nursing with later stages of Alzheimer’s). While he was there he was having serious troubles breathing and was taken to the hospital. He was told it looked like heart failure. When he got back to Canada he saw his family doctor who referred him to a heart specialist. The specialist told him he has congestive heart failure and also referred him to a lung specialist. The lung specialist diagnosed him with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He now has to go on oxygen 24hrs a day. This means my proud, retired police officer father has to carry an oxygen tank around with him. Not something he saw for his future.

I know so many people who smoke, so many people who treat me like I am an annoyance when I talk to them about smoking (just like my Dad treated me). I love these people with all my heart and I do not want them to suffer later on from the choices they make now. I have already seen enough suffering. I want the people I know and love to enjoy life filled with happiness and good health but, I can guarantee if they continue to smoke this will not be a reality for them.

There is far too much information about the effects of smoking for people to continue to do so. Smokers have far too many excuses for smoking. Stress is the major one. The reality is putting the chemicals that cigarettes have in them in your body puts far more stress on your body then anything else smokers go through. I beg you all to quit NOW so you can save yourself and the people you love from suffering the long term horrible effects from smoking! Below I have included facts about everything I spoke about regarding smoking. Please don’t just take my word for it, find out the truth yourself by clicking on the links provided,8599,1879386,00.html

The TRUTH about the Pyramids

All across the world on each continent lies great pyramids. For centuries man has studied these pyramids wondering why they were made, how they were made, and who made them? The accuracy and skill it took to make these pyramids make us seriously question how was this even possible? Did man have technology thousands of years ago that was lost through the ages? Or were these built by beings other than humans? One thing about them that seems to becoming increasing clear is, they are a message. What is the message? Watch these videos (they are lengthy) and tell me what you believe the message is!

For years explorers and researchers have been searching for the possibility of underground passage ways at Giza. In 2009 a British explorer finally finds them.

The TRUTH about who really runs the world

If you do not know about who really rules the world, then prepare to have your mind blown. What you may feel or hope is the way it is may not be as you have been told. You are told that we have the democratic free world and the not so democratic dictatorship and communist filled world.  What we actually have and have most likely always had is a Plutocratic inherited global national corporate dictatorship, a oligarchs planet we call Planet Earth.

I recently read an article in the Divine Cosmos that explain everything perfectly. The entire article and its resources is a good 4 hour read, so I have decided to include only some of the links. If you can make the time I urge you to read the entire article. Start here

Here is the link where you can download the legal order filed against Barclays Bank by The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or CFTC on June 27, 2012. Click here to view/download the PDF document.

“A wealth of emails were presented, giving irrefutable evidence that Barclays was manipulating their own credit score — to generate almost unthinkably vast profits.”

“Last September, an incredible scientific paper was released that proved, irrefutably, that the world is being controlled by a vastly interconnected cabal.” Clink here to view paper