The TRUTH about Lisa

Life is hard when you know truths about life and the the way the world really is. What makes it so hard is that I am alone in my knowledge. Very few people believe the things I believe. Not only do very few people believe but the hardest part to deal with is that people don’t want to know the truth. The truth is not a happy truth. Once you really know what the truth is you can’t go back to not knowing. I am not like most other people. The truth is I can’t be like them and I don’t want to be! I can not waste my short time on this planet sitting in front of  a TV watching crap that doesn’t even matter. The only reason TV exists is to control the masses. To make us want. To make us buy. To make us give our money back to the evils that created it in the first place. I also don’t enjoy fluff talk. You know the talk that everyone ‘just does’ to everyone else every single day. Talking about things that don’t matter. Just scraping along the surface of what humans are really made of. Superficial BULLSHIT time sucking pointless drivel is just not for me, it is not my forte.

I am a very passionate person. When I speak about issues I believe in I usually get quite zesty. I speak loudly yet not unintelligently. My hands move around and I can feel this amazing surge of energy go through my whole body. Basically I feel really good. But for some reason some people take my passion and zest for something else. Anger perhaps? Or they think I am “yelling” at them. I came across this  problem last night.  I had been drinking some wine, so perhaps that was part of the problem. I was speaking passionately to a smoker about how I feel about smoking and why smoking pot was different from smoking cigarettes. As I spoke I did so with a smile on my face and cheer in my heart but the person I was speaking to did not take it that way. He thought I was “yelling” at him and “preaching”.  Even though I apologized and tried to explain that was not my intention, it was too late. Not only did he perceive me this way but then he started to speak about my blog as the AntiFictionist. Telling me that I am just another form of propaganda. Which is in a way true, however there is a difference: The Antifictionist is not trying to “SELL” you anything, I as the AntiFictionist am not trying to convince anyone to believe or become indoctrinated to the ideas I share. I am merely trying to encourage people to question the things they have been told, to question the things I write about, to question EVERYTHING!


There is an old saying: “believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see’, go by that.

Our media saturated culture has us unsociably collected afraid and ‘comfortable’ in our homes in front of our brain washing machines, soaking up any and all the dribble that the globes giant corporations have prepared for us with meticulousness, precision, planning and understanding of human psychology. We are all victims of so called ‘capitalism’ and the layer of control of our daily lives is our buying into being willing docile shmeeple, doing what we are told, talking about what we are told to talk about, wanting what we are told to want.

You just can’t open your eyes to this truth and shut them.

It does not work this way.

I can no longer conform even if I wanted to. So here I am alone. Alone on my quest for betterment of society. Betterment of myself. The way I know that this must occur is to continue to express myself in authenticity and with great passion and energy, I know this is the ‘proper’ method for me, since I can sense such a strong surge of strong positive energy when I am besieged in the moment with great excitement telling people of the things I have come to know. I don’t intend to preach, I don’t intend to be another form of ‘propaganda’ I only and have always intended to be inspirational to deeper thinking and questioning of what we all accept as quote: “Normal” on a daily basis in our heavily controlled consumerist fake culture.

I just want everyone I know and Love to have a chance at opening their eyes to the lies we’ve all been trained to believe in since birth, you got over Satan Clause and the Easter bunny didn’t you?


The Truth about Marijuana

What is the real reason Marijuana is illegal? Does the government really believe that harm will come to us by using marijuana? Or is the reason for its illegality far more sinister? If we look back over the history of Hemp we find so many beneficial uses for it. For its ability to be made into textiles, paper, fuel, food and also its many medicinal uses. It is a completely renewable resource, unlike the use of trees (which takes hundreds of years to renew) and fossil fuels. After reading about the history of this product it becomes clear that  the only reasons it was made illegal was because of conspiracy and propaganda. Major influences from the Pulp and Paper industry as well as the Petrochemical industry were directly involved in their elected capacity as policy makers in government, taking advantage of their position and abusing the trust of their power they conspired to protect themselves and their resource rape business with creating laws and PR campaigns that demonized the use of active Marijuana to abolish the ZERO potency Hemp products as well, since they would if they remained free potentially replace the entire Petrochemical industry and habit of harvesting trees for Pulp and Paper.

In 1938 the Mayor of New York, Fiorello La Guardia, commissioned the Greater Medical Association of New York to study the effects and use of marijuana. Their report was published in 1944, and remains one of the most comprehensive studies done on the health and social effects of marijuana smoking. Among other things, the La Guardia report found that:

the behaviour of the smoker is of a friendly, sociable character, and aggressiveness and belligerence are not commonly seen.

The study also found no relationship between crimes of violence and marijuana. The recommendations of this report were ignored.

Recently it was discovered that marijuana cures certain types of cancer. Don’t believe me? Google: marijuana cures cancer. The Pharmaceutical industry does not want you to know about this. You could save your own life for free without the need for costly pharmaceutical drugs which have many adverse side effects.

I myself use medicinal marijuana for chronic pain and inflammation caused by Psoriatic arthritis that I have suffered with for over twenty years and has immobilized me to a wheel chair twice. Since discovering the use of medicinal marijuana my quality of life has improved greatly. I am able to enjoy hiking, swimming, sometimes biking and even cleaning my house pain reduced, pain reduced means I can move around with less stiffness, inflammation and pain in my joints.

I am a strong believer that Marijuana should NOT be illegal. We as human beings should have the right to grow any plant without interference from any political system! It should not be up to the government to tell us what we can and can not grow. Marijuana should be allowed to be grown naturally by the people who choose to use this miracle plant as medicine.

The TRUTH about media and why the world is the way it is.

Thank you Freud! Without Freuds psychoanalysis media would not exist in the all encompassing form it is today.  The makers of this documentary will show you how over the last 100+ years of history the teachings and works of Dr. Zigmond Frued transformed how the Plutocratic powers that be would weild the control over society and it’s every desire, want, need and creative constructivism. Collectively then as captives individually, we were and have been shaped by societies controlling mechanisms within the media and marketing industry, as it evolved from WWI offices of propaganda. As willing participants raised in a consumerist capitalist captive industrial society we are prepared for life long consumption feeding our base emotional desires and wants, as we perceived them to be based upon our constant and ever increasing ‘Media Saturation Culture’.

Watch this film below for a 4 hour 4 part BBC documentary, and you will learn the knowledge/theories applied, the direct evolutionary course and the individuals and corporations who designed this world/society we currently occupy as slaves that vote only with their pocket books.

The TRUTH about Anonymous

I have spoken to some people who have expressed fear about Anonymous and what they are capable of. My response to their fear is, you are afraid of the wrong side. For those of you who think the government is here to protect you, to help you to do what’s best for you and the rest of humanity, you are WRONG! The Government is here to protect the Elite and I promise you, you are NOT part of the elite! Anonymous is here to speak out against the injustices and unnecessarily censored information that occurs by the government. I for one feel that because of Anonymous there is finally hope for humanity.

Want to know more about Anonymous? Watch this video below or search the internet yourself!

The TRUTH about who really runs the world

If you do not know about who really rules the world, then prepare to have your mind blown. What you may feel or hope is the way it is may not be as you have been told. You are told that we have the democratic free world and the not so democratic dictatorship and communist filled world.  What we actually have and have most likely always had is a Plutocratic inherited global national corporate dictatorship, a oligarchs planet we call Planet Earth.

I recently read an article in the Divine Cosmos that explain everything perfectly. The entire article and its resources is a good 4 hour read, so I have decided to include only some of the links. If you can make the time I urge you to read the entire article. Start here

Here is the link where you can download the legal order filed against Barclays Bank by The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or CFTC on June 27, 2012. Click here to view/download the PDF document.

“A wealth of emails were presented, giving irrefutable evidence that Barclays was manipulating their own credit score — to generate almost unthinkably vast profits.”

“Last September, an incredible scientific paper was released that proved, irrefutably, that the world is being controlled by a vastly interconnected cabal.” Clink here to view paper

The TRUTH about truth by Norm

This is a post my friend Norm left for me on my facebook wall in response to my asking why people are so afraid to learn the truth and to stop letting fear rule them. The only thing Norm says that I don’t agree with is that it is difficult for adults to learn new ways. I believe that difficulty arises when adults are not open to learning new ways. I myself have found as an adult learning is far easier then when i was a kid because I am now far more open to learning new things.

Here is Norms post…

“the problem isn’t just fear…we’re taught to believe the Truth is whatever we’re taught in school, what our parents teach us, what our leaders tell us. in all these instances, we’re taught not to think for ourselves, we’re taught not to question, or if we are, to question those things that they say is ‘safe to question’.

By the time we’re adults, we do and think what they’ve conditioned us to think, and typically speaking, it’s very difficult for adults to learn a new way, let alone the right way. this way leads to willful ignorance, and denying everything that may contradict those teachings as lies, conspiracy theories etc etc(we could probably list 1000 different descriptors). We’re all ignorant, since no human knows everything about everything, but we’re not really taught this. this is something those of us who spent our childhood not just doing school work, but independent learning on top of doing childhood activities learned for ourselves, so we’ve spent our Lives questioning everything, especially those things we’re taught in schools, by our parents and what we’ve been told by our leaders, be they government leaders or religious leaders. we’re not satisfied with the incomplete answers we’ve been handed by others through our our lives.

the other issue with this is people’s perceptions. They put belief and opinion over facts and truth, and when they don’t, they confuse facts with truth. Truth is the collection of all perceptions on a matter, which can include facts. but if you prove their opinions and beliefs as false, they’ll instinctively reject the Truth because that would mean they have to acknowledge that they were wrong, and their ego won’t allow that…the other part of this is if they acknowledge the Truth, then if actions are required to right a wrong that the Truth exposes, they can’t accept that their actions and ignorance contributed to the problem, or they simply believe they don’t get paid to correct a wrong the Truth exposes, so they’ll deny the Truth with their dying breath if need be.

this may be incomplete, or fragmented, so I apologize, my attention span isn’t the greatest anymore, and it’s difficult most times to ensure my thoughts are expressed in a manner all can follow easily”

The TRUTH about religion

1. The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods.
2. Details of belief as taught or discussed.

What are people actually worshipping? What is this Noun called God we actually believe in? Many world religions are based on the holy bible. I have read the bible and tried to understand what it is really trying to say. I have never been convinced of its truth the way it has been translated. I have always wondered what if they got it wrong? Perhaps the bible is telling a different story then we think? Seriously what if the bible isn’t what we think it is? Could it be possible that what we have been told to believe in about the bible is utterly  false? I urge those of you who have ever wondered the same things to watch this video. I urge/dare those of you who are strong believers in the words of the bible as “Gods divine words to man” to watch this video.