The TRUTH about darkness

There is a darkness that lies inside me. I wonder if it lies inside us all? I am so very aware of this darkness because sometimes it calls for me. It wants me to wallow in its despair. Forget the smiles and any chance of warm fuzzies when the darkness wants me, it sinks its claws in and pulls me down. I’ve been dealing with this darkness for most of my life. I remember moments as a child feeling this despair, feeling unloved. I don’t remember the first time I experienced this but I do remember the first time of being truly aware of the darkness taking over. I was sitting in my wheel chair alone in the dark. Just sitting. I felt so very alone even if I turned on a light I still would have been in the dark. I remember feeling the darkest deepest scariest feeling, it was beyond sorrow. I felt like not feeling at all any more. Not being apart of this darkness, I was thinking at the time the only escape was death. But somehow I got through it. After months and months of living there. It took a lot for me to pull out of it, in fact a three week stay at the psychiatric ward was part of my pulling out of it. That was almost 10 years ago. I have accomplished so much since then. I’ve become a better person. I’ve done better things for myself.. but still this darkness lies inside me just waiting to come out. Waiting for the right moment of self loathing and disappointment. Sometimes I feel so good, so amazing in fact that I find it hard to believe the darkness still lies inside me. Then I have other days where I feel so low, I feel the darkness ripping at my chest pulling me down. There is no way to stop it. No real reason for it to be there..  I understand why people self harm. I understand it well. Causing physical pain to yourself takes away from the emotional pain. How odd that pain takes away pain. But its not odd if you think about it. Causing physical pain increases your dopamine which is a feel good chemical in your brain. So your brain basically is trying to overcome the physical pain by rushing it with dopamine. So when people are harming themselves it is NOT to get attention, it really is just trying to take the emotional pain away. I used to cut myself to try and take away the darkness. But I have come to understand that the relief is only temporary but it leaves scars that last a lifetime. I’ve also come to understand that the darkness is also only temporary. I hate it when I am feeling it and get frustrated with it but I know it won’t last. I just need to allow myself to go through it and it will pass Yes Lisa, it will pass. I just need to remind myself. I understand why people end up killing themselves. It feels like you are going to feel this way forever.  For some people it has been nearly a lifetime of feeling that way & they just want it to end. They just want the pain to be over. I can’t blame them for feeling that way, for just wanting the pain to end. I know very much how it feels. I also know that the pain does go away. That life does get better. I know that when the darkness comes it is only here for a visit, its not here to stay. It is not a fun visit but I have learned to deal better with it. To accept it for what it is. What it is, is only temporary.


The TRUTH about ADHD

Is ADHD/ADD actually a disease? or is it just a myth? Could this be a disease not of the individual suffering with ADHD/ADD but of the society that expects individuals to behave a certain way? Is it just possible that these individuals are born with more energy then the average person and perhaps their brain proccesses things faster and that is where the inability to deal with long drawn out monotonous functions?  We are all born witrh different sets of characteristics of our personality(ies) Perhaps the problems is with societies inability to accept these individuals as unique and perhaps they should stop trying to force them to be like others?Maybe these children require more attention from their parents then the average person needs and when they dont get it they suffert? Maybe parents need to put down the remote control, cell phone and every other life distraction and spend more time paying attention to them & showing them how special they are. Maybe teachers need to stop trying to make these children fit into the regular school delivery of the regular curriculum. Not everyone fits into the way the current education stands. Maybe we need to make a better education system for these people and all people. Instead of druging these children parents should step up and deal with their childrens uniquness instead of giving in to societies “normal”  In these video below and decide what is fact and what is fiction!