The Truth about Marijuana

What is the real reason Marijuana is illegal? Does the government really believe that harm will come to us by using marijuana? Or is the reason for its illegality far more sinister? If we look back over the history of Hemp we find so many beneficial uses for it. For its ability to be made into textiles, paper, fuel, food and also its many medicinal uses. It is a completely renewable resource, unlike the use of trees (which takes hundreds of years to renew) and fossil fuels. After reading about the history of this product it becomes clear that  the only reasons it was made illegal was because of conspiracy and propaganda. Major influences from the Pulp and Paper industry as well as the Petrochemical industry were directly involved in their elected capacity as policy makers in government, taking advantage of their position and abusing the trust of their power they conspired to protect themselves and their resource rape business with creating laws and PR campaigns that demonized the use of active Marijuana to abolish the ZERO potency Hemp products as well, since they would if they remained free potentially replace the entire Petrochemical industry and habit of harvesting trees for Pulp and Paper.

In 1938 the Mayor of New York, Fiorello La Guardia, commissioned the Greater Medical Association of New York to study the effects and use of marijuana. Their report was published in 1944, and remains one of the most comprehensive studies done on the health and social effects of marijuana smoking. Among other things, the La Guardia report found that:

the behaviour of the smoker is of a friendly, sociable character, and aggressiveness and belligerence are not commonly seen.

The study also found no relationship between crimes of violence and marijuana. The recommendations of this report were ignored.

Recently it was discovered that marijuana cures certain types of cancer. Don’t believe me? Google: marijuana cures cancer. The Pharmaceutical industry does not want you to know about this. You could save your own life for free without the need for costly pharmaceutical drugs which have many adverse side effects.

I myself use medicinal marijuana for chronic pain and inflammation caused by Psoriatic arthritis that I have suffered with for over twenty years and has immobilized me to a wheel chair twice. Since discovering the use of medicinal marijuana my quality of life has improved greatly. I am able to enjoy hiking, swimming, sometimes biking and even cleaning my house pain reduced, pain reduced means I can move around with less stiffness, inflammation and pain in my joints.

I am a strong believer that Marijuana should NOT be illegal. We as human beings should have the right to grow any plant without interference from any political system! It should not be up to the government to tell us what we can and can not grow. Marijuana should be allowed to be grown naturally by the people who choose to use this miracle plant as medicine.