The TRUTH about Freedom. Is it only an Illusion?




  1. The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
  2. Absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.
liberty – independence – license – licence

Oh to be free what humans we would be!

I am from Canada the true north strong and free.. But in reality, am I really free? Are any of us really free? We do not live behind bars but that doesn’t mean we are free to do what we like & isn’t that the true meaning of freedom? I could make so many points about how I believe that I am not truly free but I will only make the following few simple points.

I do not have the freedom to go outside & walk down the street naked. If i choose to use my freewill to do just that I will be thrown in jail.

I do not have the freedom to turn on my tap & drink fresh water free from chlorine and  fluoride. If i choose to drink for the tap then I am forced to drink water with medication in it that has not been prescribed to me by a doctor.

I do not have the freedom to grow certain types of plants in my garden. If I did I would go to jail.

I do not have the freedom to hunt & trap my own food if I chose to… except during hunting season.

I do not have the freedom to walk my dog without a leash.

I do not have the freedom to find land & build a homestead on it.

I do not have the freedom to walk across borders without being hassled.

I do not have the freedom to use drugs.(without consequences)

I am not free to get in a vehicle and drive unless I have a license a registration and insurance.

I do not have the freedom to carry a gun.

I have freewill and I have the freedom to make choices but there are consequences to some of those choices.  I am an adult fully capable of making decisions for myself but If I make a decision that the government/society doesn’t agree with I can & likely will go to jail. This to me means that I really don’t have the freedom that most of us believe we have. As long as decisions are made for me, without my input I will not ever truly be free. And that is my brief impatiently told opinion on freedom