The TRUTH about time

I remember so clearly a warm sunny day a couple months after my first son was born back in 1991. I was sitting outside on a blanket with my new baby boy and I remember thinking how I couldn’t wait for time to hurry so I would be able to play with this little creature who just laid there looking around. I remember thinking it would take forever before that would happen. Now I realize that forever wasn’t really so far away. That little baby that laid so sweetly beside me very quickly grew into that little boy I wanted to run around and play with. But the thing about hurrying time is it doesn’t slow down from there it keeps on going faster and faster. By the time I had my third baby boy I started to realize how quickly babies grow.  Its been 21 years since my first son was born and I can honestly say I have no idea how all this time has flown by so quickly. I wish I could go back to that warm day when my first baby boy laid on that blanket. I would take back my wish for time to hurry. I would go back to that moment and just enjoy holding this tiny little creature and just pour all my love into him. I realize now that I made a wish and it came true. I wished for time to move faster and that is what it did. The older I get the faster it seems to move. I now wish I had never made that wish. I wish I had the patience I’ve learned over the years way back then (although some would argue that I still don’t have any patience). I wish I wasn’t in such a rush. I wish I knew then just how precious time really is.


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