The TRUTH about Lisa

Life is hard when you know truths about life and the the way the world really is. What makes it so hard is that I am alone in my knowledge. Very few people believe the things I believe. Not only do very few people believe but the hardest part to deal with is that people don’t want to know the truth. The truth is not a happy truth. Once you really know what the truth is you can’t go back to not knowing. I am not like most other people. The truth is I can’t be like them and I don’t want to be! I can not waste my short time on this planet sitting in front of  a TV watching crap that doesn’t even matter. The only reason TV exists is to control the masses. To make us want. To make us buy. To make us give our money back to the evils that created it in the first place. I also don’t enjoy fluff talk. You know the talk that everyone ‘just does’ to everyone else every single day. Talking about things that don’t matter. Just scraping along the surface of what humans are really made of. Superficial BULLSHIT time sucking pointless drivel is just not for me, it is not my forte.

I am a very passionate person. When I speak about issues I believe in I usually get quite zesty. I speak loudly yet not unintelligently. My hands move around and I can feel this amazing surge of energy go through my whole body. Basically I feel really good. But for some reason some people take my passion and zest for something else. Anger perhaps? Or they think I am “yelling” at them. I came across this  problem last night.  I had been drinking some wine, so perhaps that was part of the problem. I was speaking passionately to a smoker about how I feel about smoking and why smoking pot was different from smoking cigarettes. As I spoke I did so with a smile on my face and cheer in my heart but the person I was speaking to did not take it that way. He thought I was “yelling” at him and “preaching”.  Even though I apologized and tried to explain that was not my intention, it was too late. Not only did he perceive me this way but then he started to speak about my blog as the AntiFictionist. Telling me that I am just another form of propaganda. Which is in a way true, however there is a difference: The Antifictionist is not trying to “SELL” you anything, I as the AntiFictionist am not trying to convince anyone to believe or become indoctrinated to the ideas I share. I am merely trying to encourage people to question the things they have been told, to question the things I write about, to question EVERYTHING!


There is an old saying: “believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see’, go by that.

Our media saturated culture has us unsociably collected afraid and ‘comfortable’ in our homes in front of our brain washing machines, soaking up any and all the dribble that the globes giant corporations have prepared for us with meticulousness, precision, planning and understanding of human psychology. We are all victims of so called ‘capitalism’ and the layer of control of our daily lives is our buying into being willing docile shmeeple, doing what we are told, talking about what we are told to talk about, wanting what we are told to want.

You just can’t open your eyes to this truth and shut them.

It does not work this way.

I can no longer conform even if I wanted to. So here I am alone. Alone on my quest for betterment of society. Betterment of myself. The way I know that this must occur is to continue to express myself in authenticity and with great passion and energy, I know this is the ‘proper’ method for me, since I can sense such a strong surge of strong positive energy when I am besieged in the moment with great excitement telling people of the things I have come to know. I don’t intend to preach, I don’t intend to be another form of ‘propaganda’ I only and have always intended to be inspirational to deeper thinking and questioning of what we all accept as quote: “Normal” on a daily basis in our heavily controlled consumerist fake culture.

I just want everyone I know and Love to have a chance at opening their eyes to the lies we’ve all been trained to believe in since birth, you got over Satan Clause and the Easter bunny didn’t you?


7 thoughts on “The TRUTH about Lisa

  1. tv’s come with a remote control now.If you choose to watch craptacular television it is your choice.Just as what you choose to or not buy.And who is this Satan Claus?

    • People don’t get that they even have a choice! They do what they do because they have been programmed their whole lives to do it..and then they grow up have kids and teach their kids to watch tv and be programed just like them!

  2. You know better than to think you’re alone on this(I feel the same way sometimes, especially living in this wretchedly ignorant country). we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place because we’re in the wrong country. with my limited efforts thus far in regards to the Community Development Project that’ll for now utilize investments(ideally yes we should skip this step, but if we do, that means in order for Capitalism to die, we must wage civil war, an option that’ll only be considered as a extreme last resort) to propel it to the day Capitalism is ended by a large scale investment projects by all citizens of all nations, I have my greatest number of supporters to be in the USA. Sadly Canadians still have their heads firmly up their own arses, the Crown’s arse or the American Government’s arse…least until I can find someone who is willing to sit there with my concept and using the ‘blow sunshine up their arse’ mentality to promote it here…I refuse since it leads too often to sugar coating, and we have enough of both that crap here to be of any use lol

    I’ll add more later, gotta go clean up other people’s messes for a bit 😉

  3. Lisa ~ you are not alone! It’s really not easy to flip the switch on everything we’ve been conditioned to know through generations and generations. It’s actually terrifying, which is such a shame, as what I truly believe is of such indescribable beauty and peace I constantly wonder why I get so frightened to let go and be there. Everyday I have to make a conscious effort to try to come from the place of peace and light that is at my core – aside from the trap of capitalism, the trap of self keeps us from seeing each other as we really are. Don’t fret – do what you do from a place of honesty and giving, regardless of the ‘get-back’ ~ when you address the light in others, with the light in yourself, you feed into the great mystery we are all to enjoy together! I love you 🙂

  4. God dammit, Antifictionist, your post resonates well with me! I could not help but to relate, as I too have felt the way you did while speaking passionately about personal beliefs. Mainly beliefs about media manipulation as well as brainwashing tactics from corporate giants. I try to look at things from multiple angles, and I really do try to find the good in our society. But, as you mention, “Once you really know what the truth is you can’t go back to not knowing.”

    I really wish people would learn to question what they’re being told more.

    You are not alone, Antifictionist, with regard to your feelings about deeper thinking. I have been on a “truth kick” as of recent, and you know what, unfortunately some folks just desire to remain sleep. I say, forget em! Save yourself.

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