The TRUTH about where Humans come from??

Where did we Humans really come from? So many theories about our origins. So many people take these theories & call it proof, forgetting that a theory is just a theory until it has actually been proven. Which they have not! I recently watched a video on YouTube which has made me think that perhaps there is evidence of where we come from that has been purposely hidden from us. They have blatantly lied to us to continually keep us in the dark. I believe they don’t want us to know the truth about where we come from (which is the same reason they don’t tell us many things) because they have/want control over us. If we have knowledge, we have power.. they are not willing to let us have that. They don’t like to share. I ask you to watch this video (and all the other videos I post) and ask yourself if maybe what this video suggests could be possible. In the end the choice to believe is yours and yours alone. But as the Anitfictionist… I believe. I believe if you had an understanding of the way the universe really works you too would believe in the possibility of anything!


The TRUTH about truth by Norm

This is a post my friend Norm left for me on my facebook wall in response to my asking why people are so afraid to learn the truth and to stop letting fear rule them. The only thing Norm says that I don’t agree with is that it is difficult for adults to learn new ways. I believe that difficulty arises when adults are not open to learning new ways. I myself have found as an adult learning is far easier then when i was a kid because I am now far more open to learning new things.

Here is Norms post…

“the problem isn’t just fear…we’re taught to believe the Truth is whatever we’re taught in school, what our parents teach us, what our leaders tell us. in all these instances, we’re taught not to think for ourselves, we’re taught not to question, or if we are, to question those things that they say is ‘safe to question’.

By the time we’re adults, we do and think what they’ve conditioned us to think, and typically speaking, it’s very difficult for adults to learn a new way, let alone the right way. this way leads to willful ignorance, and denying everything that may contradict those teachings as lies, conspiracy theories etc etc(we could probably list 1000 different descriptors). We’re all ignorant, since no human knows everything about everything, but we’re not really taught this. this is something those of us who spent our childhood not just doing school work, but independent learning on top of doing childhood activities learned for ourselves, so we’ve spent our Lives questioning everything, especially those things we’re taught in schools, by our parents and what we’ve been told by our leaders, be they government leaders or religious leaders. we’re not satisfied with the incomplete answers we’ve been handed by others through our our lives.

the other issue with this is people’s perceptions. They put belief and opinion over facts and truth, and when they don’t, they confuse facts with truth. Truth is the collection of all perceptions on a matter, which can include facts. but if you prove their opinions and beliefs as false, they’ll instinctively reject the Truth because that would mean they have to acknowledge that they were wrong, and their ego won’t allow that…the other part of this is if they acknowledge the Truth, then if actions are required to right a wrong that the Truth exposes, they can’t accept that their actions and ignorance contributed to the problem, or they simply believe they don’t get paid to correct a wrong the Truth exposes, so they’ll deny the Truth with their dying breath if need be.

this may be incomplete, or fragmented, so I apologize, my attention span isn’t the greatest anymore, and it’s difficult most times to ensure my thoughts are expressed in a manner all can follow easily”

The Truth about AntiFictionist

My name is Lisa. I am a single mother of 3 nearly grown sons. In my 39 years of being alive on this planet I have had many experiences both good and bad that have lead me to becoming the person I am today. I have  been leading a life of discovery. With each passing year I learn more and more about life, our planet, “GoD”  the universe and why we are here. A lot of the truths I have come to know are not exactly positive.  The most important thing I have come to understand (in my opinion) is that WE are being lied to. WE = you and me, the regular everyday kinda person. I am writing this not to convince you of anything but to simply ask you to question the truths that I believe in and am going to be telling you about. I need you to question the things that you have been told your whole life. I need you  to question the things you read about in the paper, the things you see on TV and the things you find on the internet. I am asking you very especially to question the things THEY are NOT telling you/me/us and to question the reasons why THEY are not telling you/me/us. In MY questioning these things myself I have come to learn that the world is NOT as I thought it was. The world is full of far more corruption, lies and evil then I ever thought (or hoped) there would or could be. I have come to see that many of us ARE aware of the truths I will speak of. I have also discoved that there are many who are Not aware nor seeking awareness. There are even more people who are not aware and don’t want to be. They are happy living in the world that has been created for them. To be lifted from that world is down right terrifying for some. I want to tell people to stop being afraid of the truth! The truth is the truth and whether one chooses to believe it or not it, the truth is still what is happening all around the Earth. I feel that the more people who seek to become aware of these issues the more people can speak out against them. WE can make a difference but only if WE want to and choose to all come together! I wish I could simply just post everything I want to talk about all at once but its far too much to read. So i have decided to keep it simple and talk about issues one at a time. I also will post more about myself and the experiences I have had. I would really appreciate feedback of any kind from those of you who took the time to read my blog. Thanks for reading 🙂


The Truth about Weather Modification

What are we doing to our planet?  The Truth about what is actually going on with the  weather here on planet Earth is a frightening thing. How many of us know much about weather modification? How many of us know that it has been around since before the 1950’s and has gained much popularity over the years? How many of us know that there are currently over 50 countries participating in many different projects that involve weather modification? How many of us know that these projects are funded by all sorts of different enterprises. To find out more about what is going on with weather modification, who/why it is being used and the possible catastrophic effects this could have please click on ALL the links below..



This link is to the Texas weather modification daily operations website. It gives detailed log info about daily cloud seeding activities.

This link talks about possible problems that weather modification may cause and may have caused in the past.

This is a link to North American Weather Consultants website. They are a private cloud seeding company. They give great details on what cloud seeding is, what chemicals are used in the process and who is using and investing in weather modification. http://

The TRUTH about religion

1. The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods.
2. Details of belief as taught or discussed.

What are people actually worshipping? What is this Noun called God we actually believe in? Many world religions are based on the holy bible. I have read the bible and tried to understand what it is really trying to say. I have never been convinced of its truth the way it has been translated. I have always wondered what if they got it wrong? Perhaps the bible is telling a different story then we think? Seriously what if the bible isn’t what we think it is? Could it be possible that what we have been told to believe in about the bible is utterly  false? I urge those of you who have ever wondered the same things to watch this video. I urge/dare those of you who are strong believers in the words of the bible as “Gods divine words to man” to watch this video.